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Thanks, Continued

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Thanks for a Great and Humbling Year…

The only measures of a site like this are whether or not it helps or is fun, and whether or not you read it.

I can’t tell from my stats whether the site helps or is fun…

…but hundreds of thousands of you made your way here in 2010–four times as many as the year before.

Tens of thousands of you became frequent readers, with the number of frequent readers increasing by a factor of seven compared to 2009.

You came from more than 13,000 places in more than 180 countries.

I am humbled by your visits, and will keep trying to make the site better, and to add useful, new, interesting, and different material.


[

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The Walt Disney World Instruction Manual at Crosses a Low Hill

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Sometime yesterday, this site crossed 150,000 visitors; sometime today, it will cross one million page views.

These are minor blips in the cosmic scheme of the Internet. Lady Gaga must do that every five minutes…but even so, considering that when I started a couple of years ago, all I knew was that I thought this site had something to contribute, and that my mom would probably read it…I am kind of astonished.

Thanks to all of you for coming and looking around! And more importantly, I hope the site has helped!

To celebrate, I am going to Walt Disney World this weekend—to see and review a few changes, re-test a couple of elements of my Disney World summer itinerary for first time visitors, and see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


[

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The Press Room at

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