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The Fourth of July 2022 at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute


The Fourth of July in 2022 happens on a Monday.

Traditionally, Disney World shows special Fourth of July fireworks on the fourth at both Epcot and Magic Kingdom, and also shows the same Magic Kingdoms fireworks the night before at that park—Sunday July 3 in 2022—at Magic Kingdom too.

  • For 2022, it was recently announced that the Magic Kingdom special fireworks show “Disney’s Celebrate America! – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” will show at 9.20p both Sunday July 3 and Monday July 4.
  • At Epcot,  a special 4th fireworks finale “Heartbeat of Freedom” will follow the regular Harmonious show.


The Fourth of July fireworks shows tend to bring in higher crowds in those parks those days, with traditionally the best option—in terms of less oppressive crowds—being Magic Kingdom July 3, the worst Magic Kingdom July 4, and the Epcot event July 4 between these.

However, there’s new things in 2022 that make it less clear exactly how crowds will develop over these days than in the past.

First, Disney World now has the ability—through its new required park reservation system—to limit the number of people in the parks to lower levels in the past. Not, perhaps, to great levels, but still the possibility of lower levels is open compares to past daily attendance.

On the other hand, Monday—the Fourth of July is on a Monday in 2022—has become the default night for Epcot’s Extended Evening Hours. Guests staying at Disney deluxes, DVC resorts, Shades of Green, or the Swan, Swan Reserve, and Dolphin are eligible for Extended Evening Hours—two more hours in the park after it closes to everyone else.

While Extended Evening Hours at Epcot are not quite the boon the are at Magic Kingdom, with its longer walks between popular rides—they may still serve as an attraction, and a reward, for those eligible to make Epcot their park on the Fourth.

My traditional advice, as a patriot, but a sensible one, has been to avoid both parks on the Fourth, and if you must see Fourth of July-related fireworks, see them on Sunday July 3 at Magic Kingdom.

But the uncertainties of 2022 related to both park reservations perhaps limiting somewhat crowds compared to the past, and the potential attractiveness of Extended Evening Hours at Epcot on the Fourth, make me less firm about that recommendation than I was pre-COVID.


My Genie+ itinerary has you in Epcot on July 4.

If you wish to avoid Epcot July 4, then simply swap Monday and Tuesday, making Monday your first Animal Kingdom day, and Tuesday your second Epcot day.

If you wish to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom on July 3, then swap Wednesday and First Sunday.

If you wish to both see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom on July 3 and avoid Epcot the 4th, then

  • On First Sunday, do Wednesday
  • On Monday, do Tuesday
  • On Tuesday, do Monday
  • On Wednesday, do First Sunday

If you wish to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom on July 4, then swap Monday and Wednesday.


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