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Disney World Ticket Prices Increase; Seasonal Pricing for Multi-Day Disney World Tickets Coming

By Dave Shute

As expected, prices for Disney World tickets went up today. I’ll have the details and analysis in a a few days, but for the multi-day tickets that most readers of this site use, prices went up as much as 9%, although longer day tickets saw much lower increases.

Disney also announced that it would institute seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets “later this year,” with no further specifics. What that means is that multi-day tickets will becomes more expensive for some dates/periods, and less for others–just as single day tickets are now.

This pricing model is meant to shift people away from more popular dates and towards less popular ones. Most likely it will work as an additional cost for some dates with today’s prices representing the lowest-cost options.

This suggests that the right play is to buy your 2018 tickets now. But the pricing doesn’t have to work that way–the levels announced today, for example, could end up beings the middle tier of prices, with some dates being a little less expensive and some even more. So it’s hard for me to give frim advice.

The first sensible opportunity to institute seasonal pricing on multi-day tickets would be for the opening at Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That opening date should be announced, I’d think, no later than the end of March.

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