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Studios at Disney’s Beach Club Villas

By Dave Shute

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Studios at Disney’s Beach Club Villas, after their 2016 renovation, sleep five, on a queen bed, a fold-out sofa bed about the size of a full bed, and a flip-down bed about 75″ by 33″ that sleeps shorter than that.


You enter into a hall with the bath and closet on one side, and a kitchenette on the other.


The first item you’ll see is this hat rack. The door reflected in the mirror is the connecting door to a One Bedroom Villa.


The bath has this open sink area…


…tub and such in their own separate space…


…and, next to the sink, this closet.


A view inside the large closet–which, given the limited storage elsewhere in the room, would have benefited from shelving.

kitchenette-disneys-beach-club-villas-studio-from-yourfirstvisit-netOn the other side of the entry hall you’ll find this kitchenette. All Disney World deluxe rooms have a mini-fridge and coffee maker.  Studios add a toaster, microwave, and very basic utensils.


A closer view of these supplies…


…and of the mini-fridge.


Deeper in the room on one side you’ll find a queen bed and a couch.


The bed side from the back of the room.


A closer view of the queen bed.


Between the bed and sofa is this bedside table with two much-needed storage drawers.


As part of the 2016 refurb many power points were added–there’s some on the back of the bedside table.


Next on this side is a sofa and coffee table.


The coffee table has a couple of drawers, one on each long side.


Don’t load the drawers with anything heavy, though, as you need to move it to open the sofa bed. I measured the sofa bed as around full size–54″ by 78″, with a four inch cushion.


At the end on this side you’ll find your balcony or patio.


The other side of the room has a long object with a flat-screen TV above and a small table and chairs in front.


This side of the room from the back.


At either end of the long object is a set of two small drawers. That’s it for dresser storage, so many families will need to supplement these four drawers with the other drawers in the coffee table and bedside table noted above.


After you move the chairs, the third sleeping spot in the room folds down from the large object, disappearing the table.


When folded down, you find a bed I measured as 75″ by 33″ with a 3 inch cushion. It sleeps shorter than the 75 inches would imply, as wood framing makes toesies suffer on anyone much taller than 5′ 9″.


A closer view of the sleeping Donald revealed when the bed is folded down.


A shot from the entry hall with all the beds unfurled.


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1 Dack { 05.03.18 at 4:34 pm }

Hi Dave,
We are considering staying in one of the DVC studios at either the Beach Club or Polynesian. We have stayed at the Poly before and LOVED it! We are thinking of staying at BC to try something new. We are planning our trip Jan 2-5 and so our concerns are the crowds. We thought the BC would be great because the pool and the other nearby activities like the Boardwalk. We have 6,8 and 12yr old. Our plan is rope drop each morning, hit the rides and shows till noon or 1 then take a mid day break and maybe come back in the evenings for fireworks. We’ve been to WDW several times in the last few years so not first-timers.
We loved everything about Poly but wanted some fun things to do at the resort if the parks get too crowded and we wanted to come back and do some things around the resort. We thought BC have better options. Would you agree with that assessment?
Only concern we have about BC in January is if it’s too chilly to get in the pool (know it’s heated) and take full advantage. Thoughts?

Thanks as always Dave. I have followed you for years now and trust your advice over all others!


2 Dave { 05.04.18 at 9:24 am }

Dack, frankly the most fun thing to do around the BC during down times if it’s too cold for the pool is to have a hopper and head to Epcot on a lark. The BoardWalk entertainments are hit-or-miss–some families love them, others find them dull. The resort has the full suite of the usual entertainments–movie nights, s’more by a fire, etc…but other than the BoardWalk and Epcot, nothing distinctive…

3 Dack { 05.04.18 at 6:06 pm }

Thanks Dave, I always appreciate your insight. Any suggestions for a resort that would fit what we are trying to do? Even if it’s not a DVC property, I would be curious to know your opinion. The only other ones I could think of would be Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge.
of course the other option is to stay wherever we want to stay, and then just go visit other resorts or other areas of interest.

Thanks again,


4 Dave { 05.06.18 at 9:38 am }

Dack, some thoughts:
–Saratoga Springs (especially the Congress Park section) for walking distance to Disney Springs
–Jambo House for the animals and nature guides (Kidani is less fun)
–A Cabin in Fort Wilderness for all the outdoorsy stuff there, ranging from canoes to archery to horseback rides to the Chip and Dale sing-along.

5 Traci Gould-Lusciatti { 08.30.21 at 1:29 pm }

Is there any chance of fitting a twin size blow up mattress in the studio at BC?

6 Dave { 08.31.21 at 11:37 am }

Hi Traci!

I don’t have exact enough measurements to be sure, but my guess would be no–unless you are not planning to use one or the other of the fold-down or fold-out beds.

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