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The Living/Dining/Kitchen Space at the Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

By Dave Shute

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Floor Plan Disney's Treehouse Villas from yourfirstvisit.netThe Treehouse Villas are oddly shaped and one story off the ground. As a result, they have an unusual floor plan.

Steps Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs from
You enter past the barbecue grill up to the deck via stairs–some Treehouses with ramps are also available, for those who need the access assistance.

Deck Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs from

The deck is quite large–the table there easily seats six, with additional chairs taken out from inside.

The door from the deck opens into the expansive dining/kitchen/living space. Note the woodsy decor.

Immediately on the right at the entry you’ll find this closet–one of four in the space.

A closer view of the large safe in this closet–my book is six inches by nine inches.

Next is the dining table.

Bigger than those in any other DVC resort, it seats six with ease, and seven if three on the bench have slender hips.

Deeper in the room are three upholstered chairs.

A closer view of the couch and larger chair.

This space from the back, by the master bedroom.

The TV in front of the couch is 42 inches–smaller than the 54 inch TVs you’ll find in the bedrooms, because it has to fit in the kitchen counter.  The viewing angle of the TV is fine from the couch, less so from the two chairs.

The couch folds out into a bed that I measured as within an inch of 5 feet wide by 78+ inches long, with a good 5 inch deep cushion.

The larger chair next to the couch folds out into a bed that’s narrow at about 28 inches wide but 77 inches long with a 5 inch deep cushion.

There’s nothing in this space that functions as a dresser for those sleeping in it. There’s the large entry closet noted above, but it has no drawers.  However, for most groups there will be excess space in the drawers in the two back bedrooms that can be used.  You may also be able to create space in the kitchen cabinets, but there’s not as lot of excess in these.

The kitchen includes a breakfast counter with three stools…

…and on the other side of it a sink and prep area. My latest Treehouse room was an accessible room, so in other Treehouses you’ll find the sink cabinet flush all the way down rather than inset like this one, and the trash cans in a cabinet. Note the toaster and coffeemaker.

A closer view of the coffeemaker.

Across from the sink you’ll find a range and microwave. Note the barbecue tools to the right of the stove, for use on the outdoor grill. Non-accessible rooms will have the microwave hung above the range.

Kitchen Fridge Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs from

Next to them is a full fridge/freezer–above is from one of my other Treehouses…

…and this one, with the freezer below, from the accessible Treehouse.

As with all DVC villas, these kitchens come with all of the basics you’ll need to prep, cook and serve the number of people these rooms will sleep–here’s a couple of photos of just some of the stuff it comes with:


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