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  1. Alisha
    January 20, 2014

    I am going to Orlando for the first time next month and Paris Disney the next :). I am from So Cal… And I guess maybe a little bias as it is he original and there is something special about the fact Walt actually built Disneyland and special things there like a fountain for his wife etc. I do love that it seems all the parks have differences which makes it a somewhat different experience going to each of them. It seems like DW is kind of like our Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, combined ? Not sure what to expect but sure we have have a blast… Plan on going before the crowds of spring break and the heat of e summer. I would also like to add that the addition of CarsLand in our California Adventure Park is really something to see! It’s amazing like being in The movie.. We actually went to radiator springs in Oklahoma when the movie came out! I have seen the wishes show on youtube submitted by others can’t wait to see it in person the consensus is still that California has the best show for this… It’s our favorite.. Even above fantastic now which still makes me cry. My son is. autistic…..my question is since we are going to these other parks do honey have “guest assistance” passes ? We have season passes at the park in CA.. We are able to get a piece of paper that is like a fast pass so my son doesn’t stand inline in the sun for hours and having seizures. We get these in hall at DL or DLCA they are for a few weeks or month depending on cast member. I just need one for the 4 days we will be there.


    • Dave
      January 21, 2014

      Hi Alisha! DLR was my “home” Disney park too–of course that was a while ago…before California Adventure even showed up, much less got re-done! There’s enough differences and uniqueness for you to have a ball at WDW, but you’ll also have fun comparing the similar elements–obviously MK, but also HS…


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