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New Walt Disney World Wait-Time Estimator from

By Dave Shute


The crew at–recommended on this site multiple times both for their book and their website–has released a way cool mobile app, Lines, for estimated this-second waiting times for all the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World.

To learn more, or sign up—free, for the time being–go here.


The software is currently noted as working on iPhones, Android phones, the Palm Pre, and the Palm Pixi. (It works over the web as well, but only if you use Safari, at

Once your are registered–for the moment, free–you land on a page with links to the four parks.

Click a park link, and you’ll find an alphabetical list of the park’s attractions, with estimated current wait times for each.   Using this information, in conjunction with The Comprehensive Guide to Rides, and the daily guidance on this site, can help you figure out what to do next.

Fastpass attractions also have estimated fastpass return times listed–so that you can determine if the fastpass return fits your plans–for example, whether the return is before you plans to leave the park for the day.

Clicking the attraction itself shows even more useful information–not only current estimated waits, but also projected waits a little later in the day, plus the estimated peak wait for the day.

This helps resolve the frequent “wait now or wait later” question.  A current wait of 45 minutes may look like a lot–but if the attraction is a must-see for you, and the waits are estimated only to get longer over the day, then you can use this information to decide to get into line now.

It remains to be seen how accurate these estimates will turn out to be, and until I’ve tested it personally in the parks, I won’t integrate the app into the to-do lists and itineraries of this site.

That said, these guys are the best in the business, and it’s highly likely that the app will work great.

See Henry Work’s entry in the blog for more info and instructions on how to sign up.


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