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Most Relevant Disney World Ticket Prices Increase 8-12%

As expected, on February 12, 2017 Disney World put into place new ticket prices.

There’s a couple of new twists to the ticketing model, too—multi-day tickets now have an expiration date (12/31/2018 at the moment) and those buying three day and longer ticket options will pay an extra $20 if they do not get their tickets in advance and online.

The full set of new multi-day Disney World ticket prices is here.

A couple of observations about this latest price increase:

  • While short non-hopper tickets showed some price stability and even decreases, four day and longer non-hopper tickets—the sort most will buy—went up 8% to 11.5%
  • The biggest driver of this is a major increase in the cost of the fourth ticket day, which for those 10 and older went from $346.13 to $372.75 (up $26.63).
  • On top of this increase to a four day ticket, Disney World increased the cost to add days 5 through 7—from $15.98 a day to $21.30 per day, or an increase of $5.33 per day.

Here’s a chart of the increases in prices compared to the last set of prices by length of ticket in days for non-hopper tickets. Price increases for tickets for those 10 and older are in blue, and kids 3-9 in red.

Disney World 2017 Percentage Ticket Price Increases from

In addition, Park Hopper prices went up more than $10 for tickets longer than three days, so Park Hopper tickets show as a result an increase in four day and longer tickets of 9% to 12%.

I had expected Disney World to shift to seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets in this round. Instead, the main package change is the new expiration date. This date of course allows it to enforce seasonal multi-day prices later. (The price of totally unused expired tickets can be credited towards the price of new tickets.)

These price increases are quite steep. In business terms, they allow Disney to recapture the value of the investment it is putting into the Animal Kingdom park, with Pandora opening in late May 2017, and into Hollywood Studios, with Toy Story Land there perhaps opening in 2018.

It also creates headroom for when, and if, it changes multi-day tickets to seasonal pricing, allowing “value season” dates to show little increase…at least the first year…

My friends at the Official Ticket Center likely will have tickets at the older price levels available for a bit.

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Disney World 2017 Ticket Prices


theo_rev6(This page is sponsored by the Official Ticket Center. Check them out for reliably lower-priced Disney World tickets!)

Updated after February 2017 price increase.

Three types of Walt Disney World prices are important to think about:

  • Walt Disney World theme park admission ticket prices—the tickets that grant you admission to the parks
  • Walt Disney World resort hotel prices, and
  • Park and hotel food prices

Disney World ticket prices were last updated in early February 2017. This page focuses on Walt Disney World theme park admission ticket prices from now until they go up again.


There are multiple types of Walt Disney World theme park tickets, but the one most relevant to most first time visitors is the Magic Your Way ticket, with or without the Park Hopper option.

You buy one theme park ticket for each person who will be three years old or older at the time of your visit (kids younger than three enter the parks for free.) The tickets have two pricing levels: one for kids who will be younger than ten at the time of your visit (but 3 or older) and the other for people ten or older.

When you buy your tickets, you also say how many “days” you want—from one to ten. Each “day” you buy permits unlimited visits to one theme park on one day. If you also add the Park Hopper option, you can make unlimited visits to any of the theme parks in one day–one theme park, two, three, or all four theme parks.

  • For example, if you buy a three day ticket without the park hopper option, you could make two visits to the Magic Kingdom on day one, three visits to Epcot on day two, and two visits to the Animal Kingdom on day 3
  • If you have a three day ticket with the park hopper option, you could for example make two visits to the Magic Kingdom and one to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on day one, one visit to Epcot and two to Disney’s Animal Kingdom on day two, and one to Epcot and two to the Magic Kingdom on day three
  • What you can’t do without a park hopper ticket is visit more than one theme park on the same day. For example, you can’t, on November 25th, use one day of your three-day ticket to visit the Magic Kingdom, and another day of this same ticket to visit Epcot that same day. More than one theme park in a day requires a park hopper

You do not have to use your days all in a row boom boom boom—e.g. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Once you use your first day, you have 14 days to use all the days on your ticket. So on a three-day ticket you could visit the theme parks Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • You can also add days at the same price that you would have paid had you bought all those days at once, but have to do so no later than the day you use the last day of your original ticket (and within 14 days of the first day, and before the tickets expire–12/31/2018 for tickets bought now)
  • So if you buy a three-day ticket, and realize a few days later that you need more days, you can add two days and they will cost only the difference between what you paid originally for a three day ticket, and what you would have had to have paid for a five day ticket, so long as you add these days no later than the day you use your third day
  • You can also add stuff like the Park Hopper during the same day window at the same price as you would have paid when you first bought your ticket

However, you can’t “subtract” days if you overbuy.


Disney World Ticket Prices as of February 2017 from

1. While Disney typically increases ticket prices at least once a year–late February in 2014 through 2016, and early February in 2017—it changes theme park admission prices based on the seasons of the year only for One Day tickets, which also have another curious characteristic–different prices for the Magic Kingdom vs the other three parks. Multi-day tickets–which most people buy–are the same price whenever you plan to visit, but as of February 12, 2017 do have an expiration date–12/31/2018 (you can trade in unused expired tickets towards a new ticket.)

(Note that all my prices assume you buy online; as of February 2017 most in-person purchases cost an extra $20.)

2. Disney sells tickets by the day—one through ten days. The way it prices these days, the first four days are very expensive, while days after the fourth are comparatively almost free. See the image for exact Disney World prices.

For example, a four day ticket costs (including tax) an adult $372.75, or an average of $93.19 a day. A ten day ticket would cost the same adult $468.60. The added 6 days cost in total around $96 more—or just about $16 per day. For a 4-6 day ticket, it costs $21.30/day/person to add more days–and on and after the 7th day, just $10.65/day/person to add days.

3. A park hopper costs (after tax) about $80 for all ticket lengths longer than three days..

I have also uploaded an excel spreadsheet with the same data in it as the chart, so that you can multiply by the number of members of your own family.


There are other ticket types than the ones discussed above—less relevant for first time visitors. For details on all of them, see this page on

While it’s hard to find discounts on tickets, it is sometimes possible, especially for longer-stay tickets. Check sponsor the Official Ticket Center,, Triple A if you are a member, and if you have military ties, this page and also

Since you can add on to your tickets–days, park hoppers, etc.–but can’t subtract, it doesn’t really pay to overbuy. Start with the minimum you think you need (but at least two days) and add on later if needed.  Remember to add no later than the day you use your current last day!

All of this site’s To-Do Lists tell you exactly what ticket type you need for their associated itineraries.


Disney world no longer offers free tickets on your birthday.
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Disney World Discounts into June 2017 Released

Several new Walt Disney World discounts for late February into early June came out this morning. The later April through June dates are a new offer.


If you book your vacation through partner and friend of this site Kelly B as your travel agent, she will figure out the best deal for you!! Contact her!

The most understandable part of the deal is a room rate deal, which has various levels of discounts by room class, date of booking, and period of stay.


Value resort deals exclude–as usual–Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation.



Port Orleans French Quarter is excluded from the deal among the moderates, and deals at Riverside are slender.



All of the Disney deluxes are in the deal, although savings range from 10% of to 25%.



Bay Lake Tower and the Villas at the Grand Floridian are excluded from the DVC resorts on offer, and at the Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, only Studios are in the deal.


For detailed reviews of every resort hotel  option, see this or get a copy of my book.

For the full set of deals that came out today, see this. Or, if you sign with Kelly B as your travel agent, she will figure out the best deal for you!! Contact her!

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Disney World Discounts from January into April 2017 Released

Kelly let me know that Disney World released today new discounts for 2017. Here’s the scoop:

Disney World Winter Discounts are Here. Book today to take advantage of some wonderful Disney World discounts that were just released:

  • Play, Stay, Dine – save off of your entire room, ticket and dining package. Stay most nights 1/1/2017 – 1/7/2017 when you book by 12/21/2016
  • Gift of Magic Room, Kid-Sized Gift of Magic Package and Gift of Family Magic Offers – save up to 25% on rooms for stays most nights 12/15/2016 – 12/23/2016 and 1/1/2017- 4/8/2017 when you book by 12/21/2016

By booking early, with Kelly B and Destinations in Florida – Dave’s fans were able to rely on our free future discount search and as of 7:00AM this morning had already saved a total of $2,285.

Contact today to take advantage of these great Disney discount offers.

The room rate deal is a little complicated, so, trying to help, I built the following table of discounts (click it to enlarge it):


Note that in the room rate deal the values and moderates have a different calendar than the other hotels, and note the various different discount levels and exclusions.

The best choice among these deals will vary by family.  If you use Kelly as your travel agent to book the deal, she will figure this out for you!! Contact her!

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Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Deal for 2017 Released

As Steve is reporting on the Facebook page, the 2017 Disney Armed Forces Salute became available today.

disney-armed-forces-salute-for-2017-released-from-yourfirstvisit-netSteve has the details on both the 2016 and 2017 Armed Forces Salutes here, but here’s the basics:

  • The salute is valid from January 1, 2017 through December 19, 2017, but excludes April 9-23.
  • For 2017 it includes not just deeply discounted 4 day tickets, as it has the past few years, but also deeply discounted 5 day tickets. Unless your kids are younger than 5, the 5 day option is the one to choose, as it permits two days in the Magic Kingdom and a day each in the other three parks.
  • Also available again as part of the 2017 salute are room discounts—30% off value resorts, 35% off moderates, and 40% off deluxes.
  • Note that the two deals are not linked–you can get the ticket deal, the room rate deal, or both

Some of the most popular room types (e.g. Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation) are excluded, and availability elsewhere is very limited (more rooms may be added).

S0 those aiming to use the room rate deal for a visit before May (remembering the excluded April dates!) should book right away.

The ticket deal is available only directly from various base sources. But Kelly can book the room rate deal for eligible military families.
Contact her at or 980-429-4499.

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New Disney Visa Offers Out; General Public Deal Expected Soon

Kelly let me know this morning that for those who have Disney Visa cards, two new Walt Disney World deals for late 2016/early 2017 came out today. Similar deals for the general public should be out October 4.

Here’s what she sent me:

It’s a perfect time to book your Winter Disney vacation. Disney just released two discounts (Available to Disney Visa card holders today – with an expected release for the general public next week).

Get a discount on your entire package with Stay, Play and Dine – Check in Dates 1/1 – 3/7 (Minimum 3 nights, must be booked by 12/21/2016 – Offer excludes campsites, 3-bedroom villas, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort –The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms and Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.)

If you don’t need a complete package the Winter Room Discount may be right for you – Check in 12/15 – 12/23 & 1/1 – 4/8 (Offer excludes campsites, 3-bedroom villas, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms and Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

Contact or 980-429-4499 today. (Not only will you get a great savings, but when you book a qualifying vacation with Destinations In Florida all of our services are FREE and you’ll get a FREE copy of the latest edition of Dave’s Easy Guide to Walt Disney World).

If you book your Disney World visit with Kelly she’ll work with you to get you into any of these deals you are eligible for! Contact her at or 980-429-4499.

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