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Living/Kitchen/Dining Space at Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

By Dave Shute

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one-bedroom-villa-floor-plan-kidani-village-from-yourfirstvisit-netThe living/dining/kitchen area at Kidani Village is identical in both One and Two Bedroom Villas. Unlike other DVC villas except those at Bay Lake Tower, the living/kitchen/dining space has its own bath.

(These rooms are being refurbed, with walls lightened, fabrics simplified, and more power points added. The refurb is expected to be completed in early 2017. Come back in later 2017 for updated photos!!)

Also like Bay Lake Tower, these villas are more livable than the group that immediately preceded them (Saratoga Springs, Beach Club Villas, Villas at the Wilderness Lodge, and the BoardWalk Villas) not only because of the extra bath, but also because of  the larger kitchen and a dining table and living room that each are larger and seat more.

Laundry and Closet Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

As you enter, you’ll find on one side the laundry area with a closet rod too…

Bath Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

…and on the other the bath (there’s another bath in the master bedroom space).

Further in you’ll find the galley kitchen, larger and with more counter space than those in the four offerings noted above.

Breakfast Bar Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

Outside the kitchen proper is this breakfast bar.

Kitchen Fridge Side Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

Inside the kitchen on one side is the fridge, range, and microwave…

Kitchen Sink Side Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

…and on the other side the sink and some other small appliances.

Some Supplies Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

As in all DVC kitchens, you’ll find this one stocked with all the basics you need to prep, cook and serve meals.





More from the kitchen.

TV Side Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

In the rest of the room, on one side you’ll find the dining area and part of the living space.

Dining Table Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

The dining table, while bigger than most in DVC rooms, is still not large enough for the nine people a Two bedroom Villa can hold.


The living area includes a couch and a large easy chair, and seats four to five–more with chairs brought in from other areas of the villa.


The couch…


…converts into a bed that I measured as 60 inches wide by 75 inches long, on a four inch cushion. It was more comfortable than many other DVC couch beds.

Sleeper Chair Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

The easy chair…


…converts into a bed that I measured as 30 inches by 75 inches, also with a four inch cushion–it’s more comfortable than the couch.

The presence of both these means that unlike many DVC villas, One Bedroom Villas at Kidani Village can sleep five, and Two bedroom Villas nine.

Couch and Chair Beds Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

The design of the various connecting doors means that no one needs to walk through this area while it is  in use for sleeping to get to another room–not true of all DVC villas, and another feature making the design of this space more livable.

TV Dresser Kidani Village Living Dining Kitchen from

The final elements of this space are the balcony–which you can see between the beds above–and the TV/dresser thingy.


This thingy, when combined with the closet at the entry, provides plenty of storage for the three people this room will sleep.


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