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Disney World 2014 Planning Tools

By Dave Shute


The first draft of this site’s suite of planning tools for picking a date to visit Walt Disney World in 2014 is out.

The tools include 2014 weeks to visit, ranked in order, which is based on both the 2014 Disney World Crowd Calendar and the projected 2014 Price Seasons at Walt Disney World. Finally, there’s a basic overview of 2014 at Disney World as well.

The first three are drafts which will be updated as needed in the summer of 2013, and the fourth is a work in progress, which I’ll update as information emerges over over the next 14 months.

  • The 2014 Crowd Calendar will be revised if needed as event dates firm up and more public schools release their 2013-2104 academic calendars. This update is typically in the summer, as not enough of the 180 or so school calendars that are tracked for this are out until then. 2014 is similar enough to recent years that I’m comfortable that the crowd calendar won’t change much.
  • The 2014 Price Seasons are projections based on recent Disney World practice. The final 2014 price season will likely come out this summer, and this page will be updated then. Disney in recent years has both created and moved around price seasons, so if you are deciding between a couple of weeks based on price differences use the comment form below to contact me and I’ll weigh in on how solid I think a difference will turn out to be.
  • Based on any summer 2013 updates to these two items, the 2014 Week Rankings will be revised if needed.
  • The final recently published tool is Walt Disney World in 2014, giving an overview of the year and addressing all the most common questions. There’s not a lot to this yet, but as key 2014 info comes out, I’ll keep updating the page!

Some of you have been asking about the 2014 week picker—that won’t come out until the summer of 2013, when all the other revisions are set!




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