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Help For Families Considering Disney World Military Discounts

By Dave Shute


With the announcement of the FY2013 Disney Armed Forces Salute, there’s lots of interest in and questions about the specifics of the new program.

The details of this program can be complex, as it marries rules and fine print from two of the world’s great bureaucracies with some extensive formal and informal personal discretion about the rules and fine print from Disney World cast members.

The upshot is a bunch of difficult-to-understand formal rules, and a bunch of not-obvious possible exceptions to them.

I try to help on this as much as I can, but the real expert–and someone I turn to almost weekly for help–is Steve from

Steve has a great FAQ on the Armed Forces Salute.  The questions he addresses are below, and the links will take you directly to his material on the topic!

General Armed Forces Salute Questions

What is the Disney Armed Forces Salute?
Am I eligible to participate in the Armed Forces Salute?
What Discounts are offered during the Armed Forces Salute?
What is the time frame of the Armed Forces Salute?
At which Disney Parks is the Armed Forces Salute available?
What are Blockout Dates (sometimes called Blackout Dates)?

Armed Forces Salute Hotel Discount Questions

What Hotel Discounts are available during the Armed Forces Salute?
How do I make resort reservations using the Armed Forces Salute discount?
Can I add the Disney Dining Plan to my Armed Forces room reservation?
Are there any dates when the Armed Forces Salute room discount is not available?

Armed Forces Salute Theme Park Ticket Questions

What types of Armed Forces Salute Theme Park Tickets are available?
What are the Park Hopper and Water Park & More Options
Who is allowed to purchase the Armed Forces Salute Tickets?
How many Armed Forces Salute Theme Park Tickets can I purchase?
When do the Armed Forces Salute Tickets expire?
Are there any dates when the Armed Forces Salute theme park tickets are not valid?
Where can I buy the Armed Forces Salute Theme Park Tickets?
How do I activate the Armed Forces Salute Tickets?
I need more Armed Forces Salute Tickets what can I do?



1 Steve { 09.03.12 at 8:58 am }

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the recommendation! Your “world’s great bureaucracies” is spot on. I’ve worked for both and it’s so true.

2 Dave { 09.03.12 at 11:30 am }

Steve, glad to link to your great stuff that helps disentangle the bureaucracies!

3 Phil { 01.17.13 at 6:06 pm }

I’m trying to plan a trip to Disney World Oct 2013, if there is a military discout for that time frame, when will they release that info?

4 Dave { 01.18.13 at 7:25 am }

Hi Phil, no way to say, as the release dates have varied from the spring before the current deal expires til right around (or after) when the deal expires…

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