Deluxe Options for Large Families at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute


This page recommends Walt Disney World accommodations for large families seeking deluxe accommodations, sorted by family size.

(Click here for an introduction to Large Families at Walt Disney World.)

Click on the thumbnail above (when open, click again once or twice to enlarge) to see the recommendations below in chart form.

The chart also includes additional information—for example, number of bathrooms, nature of any kitchen facilities, and total square feet.

As always, when more than one similar option is available, recommendations are made based on appeal to kids and transportation convenience.

All prices are for the 2013 Fall price season, the season when this site suggests you go–see this for when to go to Walt Disney World.

Prices will be higher during most other parts of the year, but in similar proportions. See this for price seasons at Walt Disney World.


Basic Recommendation for families of up to 5 people: Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Cost/ Person/ Night: $105, for families of 5.

6 people: Your best bet is a Deluxe Room at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

These concierge service rooms hold 6 in a mini-suite, with two queens in the bedroom and a queen sized sleeper sofa in a sitting room. Cost is $130/ person/ night. For a review of these rooms, click here.

Another great option, a little easier to reserve (as there are more such to choose from) is a Two Bedroom Villa at the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) property the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. See image to the right.

If you reserve through the WDW website, this will cost $155/ person/ night (but see below for renting points).

The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge are not as convenient as the Polynesian, but are even more kid appealing. A Two Bedroom Villa provides one bedroom with a king bed that sleeps two, and one with two queens that sleeps 4. In addition, you get a kitchen/dining/living room combination with a sleeper sofa that sleeps two more.

The least expensive way to get a 2 Bedroom Villa at the Wilderness Lodge is to rent points from a DVC member. If you are successful at this, you will pay $78/ person/ night. See this for details on how to do so.

7 people: The Two Bedroom villas at the Wilderness Lodge don’t hold 7 (or 8) well.

A better choice for parties of these sizes is a Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village.

Cost of Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village: via Disney Website, $147/person/night; via renting points, $68/person/night.

8 people: Same approach as “7 people” above. Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village: via Disney Website, $128/person/night; via renting points, $59/person/night.

9 people: Same approach as “7 people” above. Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village: via Disney Website, $114/person/night; via renting points, $53/person/night.

10 People: If the group must all be in the same space only a Grand Villa will work. Grand Villas at Jambo House are the best choice for first time family visitors.

A Grand Villa is an amazing space, having twice as much room as a Two Bedroom Villa, and three distinct bedrooms—two sleeping 4 in two queens, and one sleeping two in a king. Two more sleeping spaces are available in sofa-beds in the common rooms.

Grand Villas are remarkable. If you think (as hotel designers do) of a standard room as being one “bay,” then the DVC Studios that sleep 4 are one bay, the One Bedroom Villas that sleep 4-5 are two bays, and the two bedrooms villas that sleep 8-9 are three bays.

(Disney’s Old Key West Resort is an exception. Because its architecture yields such a large kitchen/dining/living room, a one bedroom is 2.5 bays, and a two bedroom is 3.5 bays.)

Grand Villas are 6 bays—almost twice as big as the Two Bedroom options.

The 2.5 to 3 extra bays include one more bedroom that sleeps 4 more people on two queens, a dedicated dining room with a table for 8 or more, a larger kitchen, and either a second or enlarged living room area, a game room, and/or open two story space.

They range from 2113 square feet at Saratoga Springs to 2492 square feet at the Boardwalk Villas.

A Grand Villa at Jambo House will cost about $207/person/night for 10 people if your reserve though the WDW website; if you can manage to rent points, the cost drops to $95/person/night.

Another less expensive option for a group this size is to have most of the group together but up to 4 nearby but not in connected space.

There are some families or parties for which this might actually be a benefit. For example, they may want to group the littlest children and their parents into an 8 person space, and reserve a 4 person space for childless couples, grandparents, and/or teenagers, all of which may either benefit from the privacy and/or contribute to the peace of mind of the party of up to 8 by being in a separate space.

If this describes your group, then your best bet is both a 2 Bedroom Villa and a separate Studio at the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

This gives 4 bays, not 6 as in a Grand Villa, and of course one of the bays will not be connected to the rest. But the price will be much lower than a Grand Villa.

This same option works for families that don’t necessarily want this separation of part of their party, but are willing to accept it because it is cheaper than a grand villa.

In cash, renting both a Two Bedroom and a Studio will be in total $136/person per night for 10 people; if you can rent points, the cost drops to $65/person/night.

11 People: Your basic options are a Grand Villa  at Jambo House or Studio and a Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village.

A Grand Villa will cost $188/person per night if you reserve through the website, and $86/person/night if you rent points.

A Studio and a Two Bedroom at the Villas at Kidani Village will cost (in total) $141/person/night if you reserve over the website, and $59/person/night if you rent DVC points.

12 People: Your basic options are a Grand Villa at Jambo House or a Studio and a Two Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village.

A Grand Villa will cost $172/person per night if you reserve through the website, and $79/person/night if you rent points.

A Studio and a Two Bedroom at the Villas at Kidani will cost (in total) $129/person/night if you reserve over the website, and $54/person/night if you rent DVC points.




1 momochii { 05.21.11 at 7:41 pm }

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

2 Lisa Perry { 05.27.11 at 3:59 am }

My sister is getting married in September and we are planning a family trip to Disneyworld sometime after that. When is flexible. There are 6 of us. Three couples, the parents, myself and husband, sister and new husband. Here’s my question: Where would the best place on-site for first timers to stay be? We also need 2 rooms: one for the newlyweds (does not need a kitchen), the other to fit 4 adults with a full kitchen (food allergies). We also need something that has elevator access, not just stairs. Someplace that requires the least amount of walking (or will let us request near an elevator or near the lobby with the best views of course!). Something that can put us close together would be nice but not necessary. Does something like this even exist??
I have been trying to do some research on this but find it so overwhelming with so many places to stay. Your website is wonderful and extremely helpful and well thought out.
Thank you in advance for your help.

3 Dave { 05.27.11 at 9:32 am }

Hi Lisa!!

There are two room types at WDW with full kitchens: Cabins at Fort Wilderness, and Disney Vacation Club one and two bedroom villas.

The cabins (sleep 6 but with bunk beds) likely won’t work for your needs–but see this for more:

That leaves DVC resorts. I recommend you get a two bedroom DVC villa. That gives you a full kitchen and at least three sleeping spaces. (A MBR with a bath and king; a bedroom with a bath that sleeps four, and a shared living/dining space with a pull out couch that sleeps 2)

For more on the DVC villas see this:

Among them, avoid Old Key West (only a couple of buildings have elevators) and Saratoga Springs (rooms too small and too isolated). The other options (on the page above) all have varied pluses and minuses for an all-adult crew. Tell me a little more about your preferences (e.g. dramatic Disney theme versus easy access to theme parks or fine dining) and I can advise more.

If mobility is your fundamental issue then Bay Lake Tower is the best choice: see

If you prefer two rooms to separate the honeymooners more, then you could get a one-bedroom DVC villa and a separate DVC studio in the same resort. The kitchen would be in the one-bedroom (sleeps 4–it’s just like the two bedroom but doesn’t have the second bedroom that sleeps 4).

A couple of notes on food allergies–you may already know this, but WDW is spectacular at dealing with them. See and consider buying this book: PassPorter’s Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line: Easy Access Vacations for Travelers with Extra Challenges

Hope this helps!! Dave

(PS if you book using the travel agent quote form at the lower right, then the travel agent (Destinations in Florida) shares a bit of their commission with me, which helps pay for my time on the site! Travel agents are free and can get you prices as good as you could get yourself.)

4 Lisa Perry { 05.27.11 at 6:44 pm }

Hello Dave, Thank you for your response!

To answer your question we are looking for comfort with easy access to the parks, ie bus, plane, train, monrail, boat, etc.. I like your recommendation here: “If you prefer two rooms to separate the honeymooners more, then you could get a one-bedroom DVC villa and a separate DVC studio in the same resort. The kitchen would be in the one-bedroom (sleeps 4–it’s just like the two bedroom but doesn’t have the second bedroom that sleeps 4).”

Would Jambo House be best (versus Kidani Village)? Will we need to rent points to do this? Thank you for the travel agent info we will inquire for a quote.


5 Dave { 05.28.11 at 9:13 am }

Lisa–you don’t need to rent points–you cna reserve DVC rooms just like regular hotel rooms. You CAN rent points, at that will make it cheaper, but add complexity.

Based on the “easy access” point, I’d go with either Bay Lake Tower in the Magic Kingdom area, or the villas at the BoardWalk or Beach Club in the Epcot area. (of the two Epcot options the Beach Club Villas are more compact, while the Boardwalk Villas wander all over the place.)

The Animal Kingdom villas are distant from everything and still a bus ride to the Animal Kingdom park itself. If you have your heart set on the AKL, then Jambo is better than Kidani Village for your criteria.

6 Lisa { 10.21.12 at 1:28 pm }

We have a party of 7 (2 families -one a family of 4 with kids aged 10&6) and the other family of 3 with child age 4) seeing all the floor plans what is best is if each family had a room area to themselves. Wondering if the sleeper chair could be swapped out with the chair in the king size bedroom while we are there to make that fit the family of 3. Is the furniture moveable to make that work. Don’t like the idea of sleeping in the living room.

7 Dave { 10.22.12 at 6:50 am }

Hi Lisa, the sleeper chair is pretty heavy, but a couple of people could move it. I’ve never done the dimensions based on whether that chair, unfolded into a bed, will fit or not, so I honestly can’t say in which options it might work…

8 John byrne { 01.01.13 at 1:43 pm }

We have 2 parents and 9 kids doing a last minute trip to DW 1/9/13-1/13/13 and want to stay within Disney. Ages are 4-22, all siblings and mosy of the youngest 5 easily bunk together regardless of available beds. What do you recommend in a 4 starish accommodation. Thanks.

9 Dave { 01.02.13 at 6:09 am }

Hi John, that’s quite a group! You can find thoughts on room types that might work here–though some are very hard to ge ton short notice:

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10 Joda { 04.30.13 at 11:44 am }

Dave – If we are traveling next year (2014). Parents, three kids and grandparents – 7 total. Would we do better to stay in two rooms – rather than trying to get in a suite or villa situation? We are trying to stay Deluxe resort if possible and wondered what your thoughts are – I know I’ve read that Disney is not very good at putting parties in multiple rooms in close proximity to one another but if we could “live” with that – would it be a better plan?

11 Dave { 05.01.13 at 7:38 am }

Joda, either could work. I’d vote for a two-bedroom villa at a Disney Vacation Club resort.

The benefit of this over two deluxe rooms is the kitchen and living room, and typically it’s comparable in price to two of the higher-end deluxe rooms. For suggested DVC resorts ranked in order, see the bottom of this page:

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12 Lauren { 11.03.13 at 5:25 pm }

Hi Dave! My husband and I want to plan a trip to Disney with our 5 kids. The ages are 21,16,13,11, and 5. We are wanting to go to the Wilderness Lodge. What kind of room do you suggest? None of the kids mind sharing a bed with eachother!

13 Dave { 11.04.13 at 7:14 am }

Hi Lauren! Standard rooms at WL fit 4 people, so you could shoot for two connecting rooms. The other, likely more comfortable, option is to get a two bedroom villa at the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. See this:

Was this even remotely helpful?

Well then mosey on over to the home page, and like it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest!

14 Kristie { 04.10.14 at 9:20 pm }

Hey Dave, I love your site!!! I am planning a trip this fall with 5 adults and two young kids (ages 2 and 4). I am looking at a 2 BR Villa at Wilderness Lodge. Would the sofa bed be comfortable for one adult or does it really only work for kids?

15 Dave { 04.11.14 at 7:51 am }

Hi Kristie and thanks! VWL is undergoing a refurb that will likely replace the sofa beds. I expect them to become more comfortable, but won’t know for sure til the rehab is done and I’ve had a chance to visit. The current sofa beds–I slept on one in November– have a 4 inch cushion and are best suited for kids…

16 Kristie { 04.12.14 at 9:10 pm }

Thanks so much Dave. That is great to know. Any room recommendations for my party? 5 adults and 2 kids (1 in a crib). It’s me and my husband and our 2 kids, my mom, and my in-laws. I thought a 2BR Villa could work but maybe not. Do you think I need to get three separate rooms. I just hate to splurge for a room for only one adult.

17 Dave { 04.13.14 at 12:06 pm }

Kristie, before I start throwing out ideas–have you checked the price on the two bedroom villas? I just wanted t make sure that that price level wa possible for you first. Also can your mom share a room–e.g. a couple on a queen, and her on another queen 30 inches away?

18 Melissa { 04.13.14 at 10:22 pm }

Quick question….how does one go about renting points??? Thanks, as always!!!

19 Melissa { 04.13.14 at 10:27 pm }

Also, if you go the rent the points route, can you still purchase the meal plan, and if so, how does one do that?? Thank you!

20 Dave { 04.14.14 at 7:41 am }
21 Kristie { 04.14.14 at 9:54 am }

Thanks for the response Dave. I am okay with the pricing of a 2 BR Villa but would rather not go up to the more expensive ones (Poly, Grand Floridan, etc). Also, I don’t think my mom would be comfortable sharing a room with my in-laws or me/my husband/and the kids. That’s why I though the sofa bed could work. But only if it is comfortable. Any suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks much

22 Dave { 04.15.14 at 8:36 am }

Kristie, the simplest answer will be three rooms at the resort of your choice. Worth considering though is a family suite for your family and your mom, and a standard room for the in-laws, at Art of Animation. See this:

23 Bjorn { 04.21.14 at 3:24 pm }

Hi Dave,

Awesome site – been a great help.

Coming from South Africa to visit in December 2014. 5 adults, 4 kids. This is made up of 2 families, 2 adults, 2 kids 6 and 4 and 2 adults, 2 kids,1 and 2, and grandparent. We really want a spectacular time. Current looking at the Grand Floridian, but would be appreciate your expert advise on how to go about this. Want deluxe, spacious accommodation, this is a once in a lifetime trip

24 Dave { 04.22.14 at 6:39 am }

Floor Plan Grand Villa Bay Lake Tower from
Bjorn, the simplest–but most expensive–approach is a Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower. See the floor plan–you get a two-queen bedroom for each family, plus a king bedroom for the grandparent. See this for the first page of a multi-page review:

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