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Amenities at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

By Dave Shute

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Disney's Polynesian Resort

Your visit to Disney’s Polynesian Resort will begin in the Great Ceremonial House, where you will spend much of your time other than when you are at the pool or in your room.

Entry Water Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

The outside entrance is flanked by a couple of water features.

Lobby Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

Inside, the check-in area is on the first floor of a two story space, where you’ll also find shops and casual seating. The famous old water feature is gone from this area, replaced by this OK item instead. First timers won’t miss the old one.

Lobby Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from (3)

Lobby Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from (4)

More from this area of the Great Ceremonial House.

Check-In Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

On the side of this two-story space you will check in and find concierge offerings for help with tickets and reservations.

There’s some fun art here and there.

Also on this floor you’ll find one of the two shops in the building.

The second shop is upstairs.

Just outside it is the resort monorail stop.  The resort monorail runs clockwise and takes you to the Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom, Contemporary, and the Transportation/Ticket Center (TTC), where you can find the monorail to Epcot.

TTC Monorail and Disney's Polynesian Resort

Note that for many of the eastern longhouses, the fastest way to either Magic Kingdom or Epcot is to walk directly to TTC and pick up the monorail there.

Bus Stop Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

Buses to other Disney World destinations are outside and to the east.

On the grounds of the Polynesian you’ll find lovely but sometimes confusing walkways to the longhouses which contain the rooms…

Impromptu Play Area Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

…and a green space created in the walkway area between the Great Ceremonial House, Samoa and the main pool has become an informal grassy playground–kinda like the courtyard in front of the BoardWalk Inn.

More from this spot.

In the evenings (ask for the schedule) a greeting ceremony occurs inside the Great Ceremonial House…

…followed by a torch ceremony outside.

Boat Dock at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Beyond the pool you’ll find the dock for a boat to the Magic Kingdom. It goes non-stop to the Magic Kingdom, and stops first at the Grand Floridian on the way back.

The boat can be a better choice for returning to the Polynesian from the Magic Kingdom than the Resort Monorail, depending on which longhouse you are in.

Marina Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from

On the way to the boat is the marina, where you can rent various sorts of boats for water play on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.

Between this area and the bungalows you’ll find this firepit, where campfire and s’mores become part of the evenings.

You’ll also find evening movies and other activities.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort from (9)

Kids especially love walking around and seeing the night-time torches that line the Polynesian’s pathways!

There’s also multiple options for dining at the Polynesian.


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1 E. Michael Gannon { 06.20.13 at 10:39 am }

My “patience for Polynesian music” could NEVER run thin.

2 Dave { 06.21.13 at 7:39 am }

E. Michael, 🙂 It is very nice background music! But I swear, after about an hour, I was aching for something raucous and with a big beat to bust out–like a Hamburg take of “I Saw Her Standing There!”!

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