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The Uzima Springs Pool at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

By Dave Shute

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Jambo House has one pool, Uzima Springs pool, one of my favorites at Disney World (there’s a second pool at sister resort Kidani Village).

Review Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

Uzima is a large pool ringed by foliage and flowers.

Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from (2)

Pool chairs ring the pool, but another set of chairs continues beyond the greenery, creating private spots, and many options for both sun and shade depending on the time of day.

Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

Also in this outer ring are a playground, hot tubs, and animal viewing areas.

Uzima Springs Pool Map Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

As a result, this pool is both large and intimate–intimate because many views are blocked by trees, etc. As a result it has its own map!

Kids Pool Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

There’s a kids’ pool near The Mara…

Playground Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

…a playground…

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

…a nearby gym…

Hidden Hot Tub Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

Hot Tub Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

…two hot tubs…

Pool Bar Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

…a bar…

Flamingos Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

…and an animal viewing area here.

Ranger Play Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

Besides the normal pool play, cast members also do some nature games.

Night Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge from

The more I stay here, the more Uzima Springs Pool becomes my personal favorite Disney World pool.

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1 Chryssa { 05.02.16 at 11:30 am }

We just left AKL on Saturday (4/30/16) and we are in serious withdrawl. Loved everything about it. My kids said they prefer this pool to Stormalong Bay. Their only request was a higher water slide. No complaints from us though. Loved the seating, pool bar, Mara, everything.

2 Dave { 05.02.16 at 11:39 am }

🙂 Chryssa!

3 Jamie { 10.12.16 at 1:30 pm }

Hi David, your site is very helpful to my planning. I am waiting for the 2017 plan book from Amazon too! We are a bit late in the game. Just booked the 11/25/16 – 12/3/16 trip. Not many hotel choice. We went with the AKL standard view room. The Savannah view gets too expensive for us. But then I realized that we might not see animal from the standard view room 🙁 Would it help if I choose “near the lobby” and “upper floor” preference, even though it is not guarantee? A family of four, including two little kiddos (will be 3.5 years and 15 months), so want it to be perfect. Thanks!

4 Dave { 10.13.16 at 12:08 pm }

Jamie, there’s no request re a standard room that will make seeing the animals from your balcony more likely. However, there are lots of public viewing areas where you can sit and watch them–just not form your room.

5 Jamie { 10.13.16 at 10:19 pm }

Thanks Dave. I guess I am going in with low expectation and hope for the best. By the way, for the time that we are going, do we necessarily use fast pass and reserve dining? It is kind of hard to plan around little ones. I wonder if it would be long wait for the popular sites and restaurant, or whether we can decide and book it on the date when we are there.

6 Dave { 10.14.16 at 2:51 pm }

Jamie, absolutely yes. Waiting til the date will shut you out of most dining and many rides.

7 Miranda { 04.13.17 at 11:49 am }

Hi… My husband & I are planning a trip to WDW for July 2017 with our 3 kiddos (ages 3, 7, 10). We’ve been to WDW many times and stayed at almost all of the WDW resorts. We like to try a different WDW Resort each time we go. For our upcoming trip in July, we would like to stay at either AKL or Coronado Springs. Do you have any feedback in favor of one over the other? Thanks!

8 Dave { 04.14.17 at 1:08 pm }

Miranda the two are so wildly different–especially in price and theming–that it’s hard to make a sensible comparison. I’d certainly pick a savanna view room at AKL if you can afford it.

HOWEVER, neither will book a family of 5*… so you might need to consider other options. I have full multipage reviews of all the options beginning here.

*You can book 5 into a one bedroom villa at AKL, but at an even higher price

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