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Amenities and Dining at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

By Dave Shute

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Most amenities at Pop Century–except its pools, bar, and Skyliner stop–are in or near its main central building, Classic Hall.

You can also walk across the bridge from Pop Century to Art of Animation and use the amenities there, except for Art of Animation’s pools.

If you take the Magical Express, you’ll get dropped off on the side of Classic Hall. This is also where, if you’ve ordered one, brides are delivered.

Everyone else will enter through the center of Classic Hall…

…where you’ll find an entry lobby where games may break out.

Next to it is the check-in lobby, where you check in, and will also find a concierge staff that can help you with dining, tickets and such.

On the back wall of the lobby you’ll find a timeline of Pop Century’s decades, and various objects that reflect Pop Century’s theming.


Just outside are the bus stops. Here you can catch buses to all the parks.

Between Pop Century and Art of Animation is a station for the Disney Skyliner gondola system, an alternate (and fun) way to get to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Between the bus stops and Building 10 you’ll find a playground.

Back inside, across from the entry lobby is the gift shop, Everything Pop.

You’ll find here mostly souvenir stuff but also sundries and some snacks. More snacks and drinks are in the food court.

The food court is on the other side of the gift shop.

Multiple stations give you a variety of dining options…

…but if you want more adventurous ones, walk across the bridge to the food court at Art of Animation. The Pop Century menu is here, and Art of Animation’s menu is here. About a third of a mile separates the two food courts.

Just outside Classic Hall you’ll find the main pool.


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1 Christina { 06.09.14 at 11:11 pm }

Hi Dave-

We are going to Disney Sept. 6-13 this year and staying at Pop. We are so excited, as this is our first Disney trip! We will be traveling w/ our 3 year old and 5 month old. We would like a quiet room so the kids can nap during the day, but we also want to be close to a pool. Would the 50’s be a good spot? How far is the 50’s from the bus stop? Is the 70’s area a long haul from the pool? We definitely would like a lake view and an upper floor. What should we request? Thanks Dave!!

2 Dave { 06.10.14 at 8:41 am }

Christina, there’s no perfect answer. If I were you I’d ask for 70s lake view. You will find quiet, will be near the bus stop, and won’t be far from a pool

3 mashy { 10.25.20 at 4:40 pm }

So excited to be going here soon! Looked at all the remodeled room pictures and boy it is an upgrade!

4 mashy { 10.25.20 at 4:41 pm }

the last time i was here in 2014 with the old rooms, not to mention it was much cheaper lol
also, i found a hidden mickey on the floor in the cafeteria !

5 Dave { 10.26.20 at 1:59 pm }

I think you will be thrilled with the livability of the rooms, and also with the Skyliner!

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