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Photo Tour of the Second Bedroom of a Two Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Riviera Resort

By Dave Shute

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The ~238 bookable Two Bedroom Villas at Disney’s Riviera Resort come in two flavors, “lock-off” and “dedicated.”  About 60% are lock-off, and 40% dedicated.

  • Lock-off Two Bedroom Villas are assembled from one One-Bedroom Villa and one standard Studio, with an entry from the hallways to each and an internal connecting door between them.
  • “Dedicated” Two Bedroom Villas were designed from the start as one single unit, and almost all of their differences are in the second bedroom—the space that in a lock-off would be the Studio.

At Disney’s Riviera Resort, the second bedroom of dedicated Two Bedroom units has the following differences from a standard Riviera Studio:

  • No direct entry from the outside hall—they are accessed through the main entry of the villa
  • No microwave, mini-fridge or coffeemaker (all these can be found in the kitchen of the unit)
  • A larger closet
  • Instead of a queen and a fold-out or fold-down couch, they have two queen beds and no couch.
  • No table.
  • Instead of a fifth sleeping spot that unfolds from under the TV, they have a dresser here and sleep four.

This photo tour is of the second bedroom of a Dedicated Two Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Rivera Resort.  I’ll have a photo tour of a Studio here up later in March!


In the floor plan, the second bedroom is the bay on the right side.

Entry is through a hall at the side of the main entry to the Two Bedroom Villa.

Once you enter, turn and you’ll find a medium-sized table with storage, in the space that in a Studio would be the entry door.

Turn around, and you’ll find a hall with the bath spaces on one side, the closet on the other, and the sleeping/living space and balcony  beyond.

The bath follows the design at the Villas at the Grand Floridian.  It is divided in half, but each half can be accessed directly from the hall, and there’s also a pocket door connecting the two spaces internally.  This gives the highest degree of flexibility to the bath space I can imagine.

One side has the toilet and a large shower.

The shower fixtures include a rainfall head.

There’s a seat in the back.

Toiletries, as is now trend at Disney World, are supplied in large wall mounted bottles.

The other half of the bath is accessible both from this half, as well as from the room’s hall.

It has a sink…

…and a tub/shower combo.

Across from the bath is this large closet.

One side of the closet.

The other.

Beyond these, in the main living-sleeping space, you’ll find two queen beds on one side.

This side of the room from the back.

A closer view of one of the beds.

On each of the far sides of the beds, there’s a shelf with power points. Between the beds is this bedside table, also with power…

…and with three small drawers, each large enough for your important books, and a foot or two.

As has been trend for a while now, the beds have a single mattress on a platform, which creates room below…

…for luggage.

Also at the end of each bed there’s a couple of built-in drawers.

The TV side of the room has a dresser with a 54” TV above and a couple of chairs.

The TV side from the back of the room.

I find this side of the room—and frankly, the entire room, despite some nice moldings behind the beds—a bit austere.  There’s some OK art on the wall between the bed area and the bath, but the blankness of the TV side (and perhaps the funereal color of the carpet) cries out for something.

Anyway, here’s a closer view of the dresser and TV.

There’s plenty of storage in the nine drawers in this dresser.

In fact, this room may have more storage than any other Disney World room I’ve stayed in.  Part of this is an leftover from much of this furniture (e.g. the bedside tables and under-bed drawers) being designed for a Riviera studio, which by Disney design practices has much less storage, as it will lose the dresser to a fold-down bed, the second set of under-bed drawers to a fold-down couch bed, and have a smaller closet as well.

Outside is a balcony.

I have nothing to object to from a livability point of view in this room.  It could, however, have much more interesting decor.


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