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  1. Andrew
    December 20, 2018

    We attended the party on 12/13/18. While we had a good time, and the kids really enjoyed it, it’s very difficult to justify the expense. The crowds were suffocating. While the ride wait times died down as the evening went on, the entertainment by the hub was a madhouse. We attended the first parade (we weren’t sure our kids would last), and I am so glad I didn’t take Disney’s advice of waiting for the second parade to be “less crowded”. We left during the second parade and walking down main street during the second parade it was insane. For the crowds that attend the tickets should cost half as much. Alternatively, Disney should cut the attendance in half and keep the cost the same. We received a guest satisfaction survey and rated the event ‘poor’ across the board.


  2. Carl
    December 14, 2018

    I just attended the Disney very merry christmas party.. two days ago.. in respinse to this review i can say we were very disappointed! It seem they sell more tickets than actual attendance throughout the normal business hours! The wait to get a cookie.. a cookie.. was over an hour! The wait for rides that were actually open were 90-120 minutes.. which means in six hours you can ride 2 to 3 rides. Its a small world 40 minutes. Just walking in the park was reminiscent of a standard june attendance. We booked two different nights.. after the first experience we cancelled the second night. Disney should limit the amount of tickets they sell to make this event worth purchasing! Never again will we attend this event.


    • Dave
      December 16, 2018

      Carl, what rides had 120 minute waits and at what times? Touringplans.com shows all the waits and none came even close…


  3. Pat
    November 20, 2018

    I attended this party for the 9th year in a row on Thursday (1st night)In the past we have always had a great time, not so this year. I don’t think they limit ticket sales as much as in past (have heard this from several people). Wait times for rides were 50 minutes, 30 minute waits for treats, 1 hour waits for photos. We left by 9:30 pm. Disappointed in Disney greed


    • Dave
      November 21, 2018

      Hi Pat, the 11/8 party is already a legend, combining a sold out ticket base combined with free tickets to a ton of median and blogger folk. WHile the numbers on the latter aren’t big, they preferentially clot up the major rides, meets, and snacks.

      Parties since then have been normal, with waits at the more accessible treat stations but less so at the ones back in the parks, minor rides running with no waits, and most major rides (except Peter Pan and Seven Dwarfs, as usual) running at ten minute waits. Character waits are always long, which is why they don’t much figure in my suggested approach to this party.


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