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Dining at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

By Dave Shute

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has two table service restaurants, one of my favorite hotel bars at Disney World, and depending on how you count them, two or two and a half quick-service offerings. The quick service options were either newly-offered or refurbed in 2017.

On the opposite side of the lobby from check-in is the table-service restaurant Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Disney's Wilderness Lodge from

This is the more family-oriented of the Wilderness Lodge’s two table service restaurants, and a hoot for little kids.

The review from our book, The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit 2019:

Territory Lounge Disney's Wilderness Lodge from

Further down on this same left side is the bar the Territory Lounge–one of my two or three favorite bars at Walt Disney World (it’s darker and more romantic than my image implies).

Artist Point Disney's Wilderness Lodge from

Beyond it is the restaurant Artist Point. Formerly a spot best (and well-) suited to couples, it is transforming into a Snow White character meal. Co-author Josh has a review here, and below is the review from our book, The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit 2019:

The walkway on this side descends a ramp, and down it and around the corner you’ll find one of the Wilderness Lodge’s quick service locations, Roaring Fork, which can be very good, but can be overwhelmed at peak dining times.

Roaring Fork was redone in 2017, and now features a more extensive outdoor seating area.

Inside are two spaces–this eating area…

…and next to it the place where you order hot food and pick up grab and go food. There’s two ordering points, one at the entrance and one at the back.  If you see a cash register, you can order there.  Cast members will then bring your food to your table.

At first glance the menu is pretty limited–a brisket burger but no bacon cheeseburger?

But they will make much more than is listed on the menu. Want a bacon cheeseburger?  Just ask.

The new quick service dining venue is Geyser Point.

Located near Bay Lake conveniently between the two pools, it combines a very nice sheltered outdoor bar with its own menu …with a fairly classic walk-up food window with a different menu. Those at the bar can order from either menu.

Some images of the bar:

Some of what we ate from the bar menu–the Shrimp on a Wire (not pictured) and Chocolate Brownie Mousse were particular hits:

And some views of Bay Lake from Geyser Point:

The walk-up window is attached to the main bar building, a little closer to the Boulder Ridge Cove pool.

It has a refillable mug station.

It offers one breakfast menu and another lunch and dinner menu. Click the “meal period” button at the upper right of this for what’s on offer.

Geyser Point is a vast improvement over the former pool bar at the Wilderness Lodge. Offering both a delightful setting for a drink and both casual and slightly more formal alternatives to Roaring Fork, it represents a huge improvement in Wilderness Lodge amenities.




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1 Patrick Butler { 08.13.17 at 8:38 pm }

While I agree with your overall assessment, there is less than meets the eye with the new construction and refurbishment at WL. For starters, the new Boulder Ridge pool isn’t a true improvement over the delightful, but now gone, Hidden Springs pool. Newer? Sure. But, it lacks character, trees, the solitude, and the bubbles in the water of the original. Further, Roaring Fork had far better food before it was closed and reopened. The original Mickey waffles with toppings are gone, replaced by a waffle basket. If you want toppings now, you can ask for a gloppy sugary sauce with a banana slice or two. No more strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, fresh bananas, et. al. While Geyser Point does offer something new–and it is gorgeous–it has reduced its opening menu by about a third. Gone are there excellent eggs benedict (two ways!) and their superb lunch sandwich, the salmon BLT. Finally, the new cabins are lovely, they chopped down and dozed a lot of the wilderness that once made it the Wilderness Lodge. People who haven’t stayed there before and those who prefer cement to grass and trees will indeed find the Lodge more appealing. Those of us who considered it home are less enthused and feel they could have done better.

2 Dave { 08.14.17 at 11:57 am }

Thanks, Patrick–very thoughtful. I don’t share your opinion of either the old or the new pool–the old pool is below–but do understand the poignancy of the change, especially for those who had been going to the old villas with its stand of trees between it and Bay Lake…

3 Rachel Blankinship { 08.14.17 at 7:50 pm }

We returned home three weeks ago from our stay at Wilderness Lodge. This was our second stay, eleven years apart. Geyser Point was FANTASTIC! (Of note: Salman BLT was on the dinner menu) The ambiance, energy and service was a refreshing change. If you love a great charcuterie, try the one at Geyser Point. They only offer a little shaved parmesan for cheese but flavors are bright and wonderful. Let’s talk Roaring Fork: They should have left well alone. The food was so much better and FAMILY friendly before the return. After day six of ten I couldn’t eat there anymore. Can somebody tell me why it is impossible to find a salad at Disney World that is not pre-dressed, that doesn’t have funky fruit and or nuts and meat? All I wanted was a normal vegetable with cheese, perhaps some croutons or sunflower seeds salad. Why can’t disney offer regular salad dressings on the side? I was so excited a delicious salad was delivered to our table at Garden Grille, even though it was pre-dressed it had a creamy dressing. There are exceptions of course but Disney needs to up the game on food for the price people are paying. I have a health condition that requires me to consume copious amounts of sodium and soup is usually a salty kick for me. I ran into trouble and had to purchase canned food items at the gift shop. Private dining was able to make some homemade chicken soup for me and for that I am forever grateful.

4 Dave { 08.15.17 at 5:00 pm }

Rachel, thanks!!

5 Leigha B { 05.08.18 at 1:57 pm }

Stumbled across all of your Wilderness Lodge reviews today as my husband and I are considering staying there for our 20th anniversary in january 2019. Wow! Originally I thought I wanted to stay a the Poly, but your commentary may have just changed my mind. I think the woodsy feel and tall trees might be very warming in January. Thanks for all of the pictures and candor!

6 Dave { 05.09.18 at 6:54 am }

🙂 Leigha!

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