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Photo Tour of an Island Building Room at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace, Disney Springs Resort Area

By Dave Shute

For the first page of this review of the Hilton Buena Vista Palace, see this.


The Hilton Buena Vista Palace in the Disney Springs Resort Area has two groups of accommodations buildings.

One is a connected set of mid and high rise towers, where you will find “Tower rooms.” I have a photo tour of a Tower room at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace here.

Island Building from Above

The other is a connected set of three mid-rise buildings, each with an atrium, collectively known as the Island Building.

The Island building offers rooms with either two queen beds or one king bed, and a bunch of suites.  The combination of design and structural choices made means that some layouts are unusual. The image shows a floor of one of the three buildings.  The spaces marked with a blue dot are king rooms, the green dots are queen rooms (although the one at bottom center is drawn incorrectly–I know because it’s the room I stayed in), and the unmarked spaces are suites.

Because the building dimensions create a space too short for a standard bath layout and two queens as well, many–perhaps all–Island two queen rooms have the bath offset into the next-door suite space, and the closet turned 90 degrees from what you will typically find in a hotel room.  My room was one of these.

As you enter the room, the bath is on one side, the closet around the corner on the other, and the beds and living area dead ahead.

The divided bath has an outer space with a sink on one side…

…and a table with a coffee service and some open storage on the other.

A closer view of the coffee service.

Beyond these is a full bath in its own space…

…with another sink on one side…

…and the tub/shower combo and toilet on the other. The harper eyed among you will note the shower curtain is missing. A quick call to housekeeping resolved this issue.  Odd things happen in hotels…

Back out to the hall, and then into the room and around the corner, the closet is in an unusual spot…

…but is otherwise unremarkable.

The closet is at the side of one of the beds, as you can see from this shot taken from the back of the bed side of the room. There’s plenty of clearance, but the lightest of sleepers might be annoyed by its placement if they are in the closer bed compared to having the closet more isolated in the entry of the bath space, as is more common. Although I suppose if one is that light a sleeper then one would have been already awakened before the closet even came into play…

Anyway, here’s the bed side from the entry part of the room.

A closer view of one of the queen beds.

A bedside table is between the two beds, with a shelf you could use for stuff.

Further on this side of the room, in a fun angled section, you’ll find this easy chair. The top comes off of the small round table on the right, and what remains then functions as an ottoman–a clever touch.

The other side of the room has a dresser, mini fridge, desk, and a small bench.

The TV side from the back of the room.

The dresser has a large TV above.

The three drawers are deep, and probably have enough space for the four people this room will hold.

Next to them is a cabinet with a safe above and mini-fridge below.

I did not measure the safe, but my book is 6″ by 9″, so you can see it is large.

The mini fridge.

Next to the dresser is this desk.  It’s main component is a rolling table that can be repositioned in the room for other uses–for dining, or to play games.

Beyond the desk is this small bench.

The balcony is accessed from a door in the triangular part of the room…

…and is itself triangular.

Island building room views vary.  Mine was a lovely view of the pool–but led to a fair amount of pool noise leaking into my room.

Pool view rooms are also near the elevators in these buildings, and there was also a lot of noise that leaked through the entry door to my room–not just from the elevator, but from folks on all  floors of the building, with their noise echoing up through the atrium. I can’t recommend a pool view room in the Island building for those who can’t tolerate a fair degree of noise.

Otherwise, these are pretty good rooms.  The Palace is the only one of the Disney Springs Resort Area hotels whose standard rooms have both balconies and divided baths, making them the most livable rooms for families. At ~385 square feet, this room is as big as or bigger than most Disney Deluxe rooms.

Island rooms at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace are (generally) closer to the pools and to Disney Springs than tower rooms here, but are further from the rest of the amenities at the hotel.  They seem to sell at a bit of a discount compared to tower rooms, but be prepared to deal with some noise.


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