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How Big Is the Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Expansion?

By Dave Shute

Disney announced today the addition of a 14 acre Star Wars land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

(c) Disney/Lucasfilm

How big is 14 acres?  Well, an acre is 43,560 square feet, so 14 acres is about 610,000 square feet.

An acre can be any shape, of course, but to get a sense of scale I planted 14 acres as a square box (780 feet on a side) on top of a corner of the Studios just to get a sense of the scope of this expansion:

How Big 14 Acres is from

This is not a prediction in any sense–the Star Wars land is unlikely to be in this corner of the park, and will not be a perfect square. But it does give you as sense of how big 14 acres is.

The important takeaway? A good sized but not overwhelming expansion…and lots of room will still be left at the Studios for the rumored Pixar expansion, too.

Update: Disney has also announced the Pixar expansion, 11 acres.

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