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By Dave Shute

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One key difference between the Family Suites at All-Star Music and those at Art of Animation is the number of beds.

Each has a queen in the master bedroom and a two-person fold-out sofa. After that come the differences:

  • The final two spots at Art of Animation are together in a fold-down dining table sleeping two
  • The final two spots in All-Star Music are in two separate beds, one folding out of an ottoman, the other folding out of a chair

These last two sleeping spots are much more comfortable at Art of Animation, but–so long as one of your kids is short and light, and also has not named you in his or her will–much more flexible at All-Star Music.


The top cushion and fabric sides of the ottoman lift right off, revealing that the rest of the ottoman structure is a cot-like folded bed.

I measured the bed that folds out of the ottoman as 32 inches wide by 70 inches long.

I slept on each of the beds at All-Star Music for at least half a night except this one, as it took only seconds to discover that it’s far too uncomfortable for adult-sized people, and likely for anyone over 60 pounds or so.

The issue is the thin cushion–which I measured as 3 inches deep–interacting with the metal frame and suspension.

The cushion is suspended near the head on woven fabric (see the image of the folded bed above), in the middle on two metal bars, and near the foot on metal wire.

You can see all three suspensions in the image above.  The problem is with the two metal rails that hold up the middle part of the bed.  The cushion is so thin that these press right into your body if you are tall, heavy, or both.

A really little kid won’t notice these rails, as the first rail is 31 inches from the head of the bed–and a lightweight but taller kid won’t notice them either.  But I wouldn’t put a kid heavier than say 60 pounds on this bed, or there will be no end to the whining.

The bed that unfolds from the chair has a similar suspension, but, with a four-inch deep cushion, is not nearly as uncomfortable.  I slept fine on this bed.

This bed pulls out–and has two pillows tucked inside the foot of the chair.

I measured this bed as 28 inches wide by 76 inches long.

The last bed in the living room is the sofa bed. I measured it as 56 inches wide by 74 inches long.  Its cushion is also 4 inches think, and comfort is fine.

My photo shows the foot raised–that’s because I hadn’t realized that you need to remove the seat cushion of the sofa before unfolding it.  Like the chair bed, this bed also has two pillows stored inside.

Figuring out where to put all three beds is tricky.  The ottoman not only is easily movable, but also has to be moved, as both its bed and the chair bed can’t take up the same space.

Family Suite Floor Plan Disney's All-Star Music Resort from

See the floor plan for the issue–you can easily block the bathroom with the ottoman bed, or, at the other end of the living room, block the door.  I found a way to tuck it in by the table.  See the photo that begins this page for how it fits there.

A less awkward layout is possible if you move the side tables away from the couch, and move the couch as close to the wall by the entrance door as possible.  This creates just enough room to put the head of the ottoman bed between the sofa bed and the chair bed.  But that sofa is heavy!

For families with odd numbers of boy and girls, having three sleeping spots can be a real advantage for All-Star Music Family Suites compared to the two sleeping spots for the kids in the Family Suites at Art of Animation.

But pragmatically, this will only work if your littlest kid is short or light enough for the ottoman bed to not be uncomfortable…

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1 John { 03.24.13 at 1:34 pm }

It looks like 1 suite and 2 standard (2 double bed rooms) at All Star Music would work well for our extended family trip of 9…Are the suites and standard rooms in different buildings like AofA? If they are in the same building are they on the same floor?

2 Dave { 03.24.13 at 1:56 pm }

John, the Family Suites at Music are in just a few buildings, and those buildings also have regular rooms as well. You’ll find both on the same floor.

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